How Many Drinks Remix – Miguel feat Kendrick Lamar Music Video

I simply love the vibe of this song! The video looks like they had a great time. I’m having mixed feelings about Kendrick’s shorts though. Check out the official music video.

Rocka By Baby – Cassie Mixtape Review

cassiecoverI haven’t really paid attention to Cassie since Me and U, but this mixtape has my nose wide open. Maybe it’s the production. Maybe it’s her voice. Maybe it’s the perfect mixture of the two. Rocka By Baby makes me want to slip into something sexy and reach my hands into my man’s pants. “I don’t wanna waste no time the mood is right” (Addiction).  You can definitely tell that she’s hopelessly in love and it’s cute. “Feeling I ain’t gotta look no more cause you’re what I’ve been searching for lately” (Sound of Love). It almost makes me want to. Nah. Anywho, features from some heavy hitters like Rick Ross, Fabolous, Pusha T, Meek Mill and French Montana set this tape off. I liked the samples from New Jack City. Who wouldn’t? It’s a classic movie. But they weren’t really needed other than to tie the tape back to its title.

Rocka By Baby speeds up at RockaByeBaby, which is an okay song to say the least. But it’s tolerable. “My mama told me make that nigga spend it” (Bad Bitches). I’m screaming bad bitches to the floor. I can’t even front on the hype! I wish I had a whip because I would definitely let this joint rock. I thoroughly enjoyed this mixtape, and I will be on the lookout for any of her future projects.

You want it. I need it. You got it. I’m feigning. A sauna. I’m hot as a phoenix. You fuck me. Fuck me like you mean it. Spank me. You know I been a bad girl. – I Love It



J. Cole feat. Miguel – Power Trip Music Video

I love this song, and this creepy ass video is dope. She must got that million dollar Mmm Mmm Mmm. 


Females Welcome – Trinidad James Music Video

I love this song. I hate that this video is edited, but whatever. Enjoy.

Noah-O – Klephnote Music Video

I am not even going to lie to ya’ll. I avoided watching this video for a long time. Maybe because the loss was still fresh in my heart. But once I actually sat down and clicked on that link, it didn’t hurt. Yeah, it made me a little misty-eyed, but it made me hopeful and motivated. Like Noah said, “Ima hug my kids a little longer”. Very dope video! RIP Kleph.


Still Smoking: Rah Scrilla Mixtape Review

rahpicLet’s jump into this review face first and not waste any time.

After you get past the typical sounding Stressed, where Rah Scrilla raps about the issues that everyone and their mama is facing, the mixtape slows down. Just for a brief moment. Last Testament is a more intimate song. I actually like this track. He speaks of betrayal and the pain it causes. Now, y’all know I’m a sucker when artists reflect upon their real life agony in their work. The mixtape picks up for Getcha Money Right and Money in My Pocket. Okay.  Okay. Rah isn’t that bad. Well, I’m not ready to throw my laptop. The Battle is where the tape starts to lose points. Skip. Skip. Project X has potential but the beat is too mellow for the type of partying he’s rapping of. The vibe I get from the song is more of a shing-dig at your homeboy’s crib, and everyone’s drinking forties and smoking mid-grade weed. But he’s rapping about flipping over squad cars and shit. It could just be me, but when I think of a “Project X” type party I hear twerk music.

I enjoyed My Wife for the simple fact that I’m a bitch, and this song is for the bitches. Honestly, it’s a nice song and Rah pulls a Drake move and sings a little. He gets a pass because he’s light-skinned. Niggas love to write love songs for weed/drugs. Ya’ll know I ain’t lieing. Since I’m a bitch, I love love songs, too. So I can let Still Smoking (My Girlfriend) rock.

Overall, Still Smoking is decent. I can’t say that I’m going to sync it to my iPhone. But I will say it was better than I had originally anticipated. I’m looking forward to hearing more work from this artist.

I broke the broad’s back. Now she’s calling me Bane.


Click the link below to download this mixtape.

Still Smoking Mixtape

Wale – Bad Official Music Video

This track is one of my favorites from Wale’s Folarin. The song reminds me of my past. And maybe a little of my present. Ha!